Safari Storme Spied Again -Continues testing,With No Launch Date in Sight – Loosing Customers

Yesterday was yet another day where we spotted not one but three Safari Stormes roaming around in Pune. Last we caught a Storme was only a few days back which was a Maroon colored car with regular white number plates and what looked like a permanent Pune registration number (No ‘TC’ or ‘TCF’).

Tata Safari Storme latest pics

Our yesterday’s catch involved one separate White Storme zipping through on the Pune Bypass road (no pics for this car). The other two were caught together in Chinchwad Pune – both Golden. One of these golden models was the LX variant but there was a small interesting bit we noticed – the color of door handles. In our earlier catch of a golden Safari Storme¬†door handles were normal body colored, but on these latest mules, they were maroonish-brown. Wonder if this is a change or a variant differentiation.

Meanwhile, there is an air of speculation going around that TATA might launch the Safari Storme in July but a confirmation from the company is awaited eagerly. We have heard a few prospect customers which have moved on to other SUVs in the market since they just could not wait for the Storme any more!

Tata Safari Storme latest pics
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The biggest question remains the same as it was many months ago – Why is TATA delaying Storme’s launch? This question gains more precedence since TATA created a lot of hype of this car during the Auto Expo times. Is it a technical glitch that they have landed upon? Looking at the competition, have they changed some/any specs of the SUV? They want to play safe and wait for¬†Renault Duster’s hype to get over?

Also, what does that ‘A’ in the variant name ‘LX’ stand for? We feel is stands for ‘ABS’ because the Automatic variant is not possibly in the scene as of now. But ABS in ‘LX’ model which is supposed to be the entry-level model for the SUV or is it that TATA would launch ‘ABS’ as standard across models? If you have any concrete clues do mention in the comments section.

Come on TATA, clear the air, play some masterstroke…!

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