Scania India Launching 3 Intercity Coaches [Live From the Venue]

As we promised yesterday, MotorBash is covering the launch of Scania’s Intercity coaches live from Mumbai. 

The event is currently going on and here are the details till now.

  • Scania India is launching 3 Intercity Coaches
  1. 9 Liter 310hp engine
  2. 13 Liter 360hp engine
  3. 13 Liter 410 hp engine
  • The smallest one is 12 meter long, second one is 13.7 meters and the biggest is 14.5 meters in length. Height and width are common for all the three at 3.7 meters and 2.6 meters respectively.
  • Fuel capacity for all the three stands at 465 liters
  • All the three coaches will come with latest safety equipment and features like disc brakes, ABS, ESP, TC, Reverse cam, Hill-Hold etc

A detailed report along with many pics will be coming your way today. Until then you can read

Scania India to Launch Inter-City Coaches Tomorrow; Anders Grundströmer Appointed New Managing Director

for details about Scania and its new MD Anders Grundstromer.

Keep tuned to MotorBash till then 🙂

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