It has been nearly three months since Michael Schumacher had a horrible accident on the slopes of the French Alps after which he had gone to coma. And now for the first time he has showed some positive signs, signs of improvement.

His manager and spokesperson Sabine Kehm revealed that there are now encouraging signs about his condition. “Michael is making progress on his way” said Kehm. She elaborated that he is showing moments of consciousness and awakening according to a report on


The seven-time Formula 1 world champion has been in a coma in a Grenoble hospital since sustaining head injuries, which he would not have survived had he not worn a helmet, while skiing on December 29 last year. Doctors had begun the ‘wake up’ process in January, no official communication had come after that.  On March 12, his management had said that Michael had started showing small encouraging steps.

Michael had suffered a right-sided extradural haematoma (between the skull and the dura mater, a membrane surrounding the brain) that was evacuated surgically, and a series of intracerebral (within the brain tissue itself) haematomas. One of these, on the left, was evacuated during the week after the fall, but there are several others, located on the left, on the right and in the centre which have not been removed as they are too deep.

The second type of injury is contusions which are basically bruises. There have been stories of damage to one of the four arteries feeding the brain. Even if this is true, it might just not be a major problem thankfully, as most people have extensive connections between the four arteries, allowing flow through one to compensate for blockages in another. There is also a possibility of damage to the neurons.

The family continues to thank the fans and the media for the continuous support and hopes that everyone understands that more details are not being revealed to protect their privacy.

A whole generation of people has seen Michael winning the Grand Prix every other Sunday, be it in the red Ferrari or the green Benetton. Our prayers are with him and we hope he gets well soon. #KeepFightingMichael.




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