Scoop: 150hp Tata Aria Left Hand Drive Caught Testing in Pune

We have caught it a couple of times earlier as well, Tata has been testing it rigorously to ensure an error free product reaches the international markets. 

This Aria is destined for the Italian market which is a Left Hand Drive country. According to what we know, apart from India, Tata currently exports the Aria to Nepal and Italy. And apart from Aria, they also have the Xenon and Indica Vista available for the Italian market.

This was the Prestige 4×2 variant. You can notice the driver sitting towards the left in a couple of pics. Also, notice ‘LHD’ written at the back.


However, the more interesting bit is that this Italian Aria produces 150hp which is more than what the current Indian version produces (140hp) from the same 2.2L Dicor 4 cylinder diesel engine.

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In our earlier catches of LHD Aria, it was the black version which we spotted, but this is a maroon (looks brown because of mud) colored mule. In Italy, Tata has both the 4×2 and 4×4 variants on offer under the following 3 trims.

  1. Prestige 4×2
  2. Prestige 4×4
  3. Pride 4×4


Considering that Aria has been selling dismally in India, Tata has been trying to consider many options for the crossover. One speculation among them is also this higher powered 150 odd bhp Aria. Lets see if Tata considers upping the current Aria for India as well.



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