News of Mahindra launching an all-New Scorpio next year were making waves across the web and for some time. Fresh details poured in barely a few days back.

However, what we see on the streets appears to be a facelift rather than what could be called as the ‘Next-Gen’ Scorpio. So are we looking at two different things – a facelift soon and an all-new Scorpio within 18 months? We are unsure, however let us talk about the spyshots we have in hand courtesy SMK, a member of Team-BHP.


  • The front as well as the rear of this mule is camouflaged hinting at what will go under the hammer.
  • It was reportedly carrying camouflaged dashboard as well as seats.
  • The alloys look different and a possibility of 17 inch tyres is ripe
  • Headlamps appear to be dummy and hence, expectedly, they will go through a makeover.
  • The front bonnet seems to be a little bulged up.
  • Similar is the case with the rear. We see a wee bit of resemblance with the XUV here.
  • Unfortunately, the tail lamps are not camouflaged. We will urge Mahindra to consider changing this age-old Christmas-tree configuration with a more contemporary setup.

We do not have any frontal shot so we can’t really comment on what’s changing upfront. But this really appears to be a facelift rather than the All-New Scorpio that has been talked about.


In fact, one of our readers had reported that Mahindra is testing this facelifted Scorpio in the Ladakh region along with the S101 compact SUV a few days back so we can’t rule out the possibility of changes to the engine and other mechanicals.

Scorpio is a strong seller since its advent and has turned fortunes for the company. Mahindra banks a lot on Scorpio and we expect them to make a real deal out of what they are testing – a completely overhauled interior (specially the dashboard) along with fair bit of tinkerings to the mechanicals and its handling. Launch and other details shall pour in shortly.

So, what do we have in the menu, Mahindra?




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