Scoop: Fiat Punto 2013 Caught Testing In Brazil

Auto Segredos, Brazil caught a fish. A fish named the Fiat Punto 2013 facelift! This Punto was caught under test in Brazil in Red color with huge noise emission levels.


As per Auto Segredos, all the Punto 2013 have the HSD kit as standard though no company fitted In-Car Entertainment. And then there is the new feature called ‘DNA‘, the three different driving characteristics; Sports, Normal and Economy modes. Also, the car is expected to be launched in Brazil in July.

From what we could decipher, we loved the Alloy’s designs, overall looks are as great as ever, and even though the basic design is same, the car definitely looks quite a lot especially with the Sun-roof.

FIAT? When are you think about coming to India with this one?



Ankit Tiwari

Team MotorBash

Source: Auto Segredos Brazil


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  1. Undoubtedly, Punto is a hatch with good styling among the contemporary hatchbacks. Adding the legendary multijet diesel engine., it is the best I would recommend you.


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