Scoop: First Conclusive Pictures of Force One 4X4; Launch Near

We have had many pictures of ‘On Test’ Force One roaming around over the web. All claims talk about the mules being 4×4. We have also spied few ‘On TestForce Ones many a times but this time its conclusive!

This ‘4×4’ badge would differentiate the current and the new Force One

We caught this Force One zipping past around the Pune Bypass road but the clear ‘4×4’ badging gave away the hidden. If you notice the pics, there are 4×4 badgings at the back as well as the sides. These are the first conclusive images of Force One 4×4 test mules.

We could not, however, notice any ‘ABS’ giveaways from the mule. The current Force One is only available in 4×2 without ABS. And the next upgrade was touted to get 4×4 and ABS. There are good chances that Force might launch this 4×4 within this month or probably next month.

As for changes: We could not notice any significant changes on the exterior. It appears that Force would launch this new 4×4 without making many visible changes probably to save costs. However, there should be changes made with respect to the feedback they would have received from actual customers.

Notice the unclear ‘4×4’ badge just over the wheel arch

What would be interesting to watch would be the pricing point at which Force would put this SUV. The current Force One is available with prices around 12-13 Lakh on road. With the inclusion of 4×4 and possibly ABS it is expected that there could be an increment of around 1.5-2 Lakh on the OTR prices. Still, if Force can keep the prices competent, this very potent SUV could be a real threat to the oncoming competition in the form of Safari Storme.

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Force ONE 4X4 Pics

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