Force One was launched with a lot of uncertainty considering that a company which was predominately known for commercial vehicles entered the passenger car segment and that too with a product which was not an entry level in any kind. When this SUV was launched it surprised many and impressed a lot of prospect customers majorly because of its huge bulbous looks, very impressive inner space and its price tag.



However, with the oncoming of the XUV5OO, this SUV must have lost many customers. Force, as is obvious, must be trying to strike again. This is the Force One we spotted yesterday evening at Mumbai Pune highway. This did not seem to be a ‘complete’ product and there were a few wires strapped here and there. It had different colored parts put together to make what looked like a true ‘Test Vehicle’



We tried to chase it down but the driver seemed to be in a rush or was possibly trying to avoid us. Somehow we caught up with the driver and posed a few questions to him. He played all of them down casually and the only obvious thing he mentioned “Once a product is manufactured, there would be continuous improvements on it”. Anyways, the car spotted did not bear any logo or badge at the back but there did seem to be something struck out where ‘Force One’ logo sits.

What is Force testing is a guess. Could this be the awaited and expected 4×4? The 4×4 was displayed by Force at the Auto Expo 2012 and possibilities are ripe that Force might want to launch this as soon as possible before the game goes too far.

Please bear with the quality of pictures. They were taken in haste and speed from a non-flash mobile camera!



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash







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