And if our earlier shares of two very important scoops of Mahindra Quanto and Maruti Alto 800 were not enough for a lazy Sunday, we bring you more! This time we head to Ford and talk about Figo.

Ford Figo’s facelift has been doing rounds for a while now. It has been caught in yellow, blue and red colors. More sightings of the new hatch are posted by ‘TheAutomotiveIndia’ forum membertoyoubala‘ .


The car is still tapped at the areas which are getting a change. But what we liked is the new chromed grille which is sleeker and more contemporary now. This is the Top Titanium variant and the alloy wheels have also been given a new look.

A few other changes include swapping of brake and reverse lights from the rear cluster. We assume it is done to serve two purposes:

  1. Give the brake light a more prominent position
  2. More importantly the brake lights, by moving down, would provide better illumination specially in darker conditions.


The Airdam also looks to be slightly altered. What changes are done to the interiors are not exactly known. We expect the same engine options to be carried over to this facelift. However, what would be interesting is the price increase on the new car. Lets hope Ford retains the VFM (Value for money) preposition of the car and do not get overbored by its success.

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With the prime competition, read Maruti Ritz facelift, already launched, Figo should be around the corner. This facelifted Figo should be launched around or before Diwali in India.


Pics Credit: The Automotive India





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