Hyundai’s New Sedan Between Elantra & Sonata Spotted in China

Folks at have come up with some pictures of a Hyundai Sedan and they say that is a B-Class sedan

from Hyundai and will be placed between the narrow gap of Elantra Langdong (Chinese version of Hyundai Elantra) and Sonata, in the Chinese car market. In China, the Elantra and Sonata are manufactured by the Beijing – Hyundai Joint Venture.

The price range (in China) of the Elantra is between 105,800 yuan ( ~Rs. 8.9 Lakhs) and 149,800 yuan ( ~Rs. 12.6 Lakhs). The Sonata is priced between 166,900 yuan ( ~Rs. 14.03 Lakhs) and 249,900 yuan ( ~Rs. 21.02 Lakhs). So, the ‘new car’ will have to be priced very sensibly to attract customer attention. According to Chinese media, the ‘new car’ could be priced between 130,000 yuan ( ~Rs. 10.93 Lakhs) and 160,000 yuan ( ~Rs. 13.45 Lakhs).

As for engine options, there will be three engine options in offering: a 1.8-Litre, a 2.0-Litre and a 204 HP 1.6-Litre Turbocharged engine.

Well, we do not have much information in hand about Hyundai’s Indian plans with this new car, but looking at the success of Elantra, it would make sense if Hyundai brings it here and sells it under the new Sonata.


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Arghya Pan

Source: Auto.Sohu

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