Scoop: Indica XL CR4 Caught Testing Again: Dashboard Pic

MotorBash’s keen eye reader Anoop Kumar has caught not one but two different Indica XLs testing yesterday near Chandni Chowk in Pune. The cars caught are white and Maroon in color – both of them have been floating around on the web.

Now since we know that this is not actually a 5+2 seater as mentioned by Hormazd Sorabjee of Autocar India, why is TATA trying to create a false impression by that protruding rear with those ‘rod’ kind of structure? This Indica XL would be an elongated Indica with a stretched wheelbase. This car is powered by TATA’s highly efficient 25kmpl fame CR4 engine which is already doing duty on the latest Indica based cars.

MotorBash Indica XL Spied

Other worth noting points include:

  • Nice looking Alloy wheels. Maroon car gets black colored alloys and white car gets silver colored alloys.
  • Regular front disc brakes and rear drum brakes
  • New Indigo e-Cs kind of styling from the front
  • The earlier version we had caught sported normal steel wheels. This means that there are a few cars on test.
  • The interiors, at least the dashboard doesn’t seem to be any different from the current crop of Indicas.

When is TATA snatching that covering out of the back remains to be seen. Let’s see if TATA can pull up some surprise on this.

This is the third time MotorBash has caught this car on test. Click here for the first time: Here for the second catch.

Check out the gallery below which lists remaining 8 pictures as well.


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Editor MotorBash



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