The biggest drawback of the current Reva is that it looks really unappealing and not so desireable to own. But that is all bound to change.With the acquisition by Mahindra, it was expected that there would definitely be some masala brought into the electric car market and here is it in front of our eyes.


The good folks at Cartoq has caught the Reva NXR under test and has shared the following pics. The first thing that we notice is that the car looks muscular and a lot more appealing. Second, it has grown a lot in size and has a lot more space inside. When I drove the current Reva a few months back, it all felt so cramped even at the front and lets not talk about the rear seats.

The new car seems to have bettered a lot in all round interior space. Looking at the size of the car it feels that the car now can seat 4 relatively easier. The car would remain 2-door. There is a definite tinge of Dilip Chabbaria all around the car. There do appear a few large gaps on the test mule here but it is expected that these would be taken care of by Mahindra in the final production variants.


Interestingly, the car has projector headlamps upfront which would be a boon for night drivings. The front looks fantastic but the rear is real bland with a boxy design.
This new Reva is expected to be powered by a slightly better tuned version of the current engine and we also expect a little increase in its efficiency.

Mahindra Reva NXR is expected to be launched somewhere around Diwali in India and obviously a little hike over the current model is also what we predict.


Pics Source: Cartoq






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