Mahindra Verito Facelift picture

Mahindra gave us a shocker of a news a few days back when it announced that it would launch 6 new cars in the market and as soon as this year. The mini-xylo is coming in a couple of months. The other car awaited from them is the Verito CS, a shortened sub 4 meter version of Verito. However, the CS is just not seen around!

Mahindra Verito Facelift picture

 Instead, we have the spy pics of regular Verito yet again. Mahindra is definitely readying the Verito also for a facelift. Interesting part is that they are testing the car fully camouflaging it. Generally, facelifts are wrapped only for parts which are new. This is the same car which has been caught earlier as well. There is something cooking at Mahindra which we would come to know soon.


What’s Looks New in this facelifted Verito?

  1. Side indicators are now placed over the headlamps similar to the new Indigo eCS
  2. Headlights are also revamped and more sharper in looks
  3. Altered fog lamps
  4. Revised front bumper with horizontal stripes than the current version’s mesh
  5. New front grille
  6. The number plate housing moves up in the boot lid
  7. Chrome plating is not visible in camouflage
  8. Rear bumper looks more basic from the existing one with reflector at the right corner
  9. Slightly different tail lamps but I could not figure out the reverse light
  10. Toe hook is also not visible
  11. New-look wheelcaps


Pic Source: BS Motoring






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