Scoop: Tata Prima 7548.S Truck Caught ‘On Test’ [Updated]

Edit: We caught this truck again and this time we discovered that this is a bigger catch than we had anticipated. It is neither of the trucks we have mentioned below. 

This is infact the production version of Prima 7548.S which Tata displayed as a concept at this year’s Auto Expo in New Delhi. This heavy monster is powered by a massive Cummins ISX 14.9L engine mated to a 18-speed gearbox.


 This prime mover is for road trains and super-linked trailers and can tow more than one trailer. The Prima 7548S has a capability of towing upto 50 tonnes of payload.


Tata has been a pioneer in commercial vehicles since long. A few years back they launched these fantastic looking modern Prima trucks.

We caught this huge 22 wheel Tata Prima truck around Chinchwad in Pune a few days back. After a few quick searches over the internet, we have come to know that these Prima range of trucks is made available in Trailers as well as Tippers.


There are two variants of Tata Prima Tippers

  1. 4028.S
  2. 4928.S

This one is the bigger 4928.S model. The 4928.S is powered by a 6700cc water cooled turbocharged diesel engine which produces 267hp of power @ 2500rpm and produce a humongous torque of 970Nm between 1200-1700Nm. It has a fuel carrying capacity of a whooping 625liters total.

It has a claimed top speed of 77 kmph with a minimum turning radius of 14220 mm and comes with a standard AC.


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