Scoop: Verito’s Shorter Version Caught Testing

Every company wants to eat that under ‘4 meter’ length mark pie, doesn’t even matter if a sedan loses maximum part of its boot. Very recently launched Maruti’s Dzire was shortened to ‘less than 4 meters’ to get into the ‘Smaller Car’ category which attracts a 12 percent excise duty in place of the 24% on the medium cars greater than 4 meter in length.

As already revealed by Mahindra quite sometime back, their heavy-duty sedan has been caught in its smaller (than 4 meter) version (at least this is what appears from the pics) by member of When the Logan (now Verito) was not making any significant mark under the Renault-Mahindra JV, it was announced by Mahindra that they would give the car another lease of life and at a later stage launch a compact version of the car to make it more competitive in the market.

According to the pics, not much could be ascertained but what we could make out is that

  • Tail Lamps appear similar to the current Verito
  • The number plate housing is moved up into the boot lid
  • The chrome plating is not visible in the camouflage
  • The rear bumper looks more basic than the current one with a reflector at the right corner.


With this catch it becomes evident that Mahindra is ready with the product and has taken it out for on-road testing. The current Verito would would remain or not is not known but Mahindra might also do a Maruti – make it available only for the taxi market. Let us wait for some more pics before we know more about this car.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


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