SCOOP: Volkswagen Vento Caught with Different Badging.Is it a Facelift? Polo Also Caught Without Badge

Today we caught a whole fleet of Volkswagen and Skoda cars zipping past at the Pune bypass road. The convoy comprised of

  1. Grey Polo
  2. White Rapid MPI
  3. Grey Vento TDI
  4. Grey Rapid MPI
  5. Grey Vento…Polo…(Err…!)
  6. White Jetta TSI

Vento testing motorbash


While the other lot looked normal, there were three cars (specifically 2) which caught our attention. One was the Jetta TSI which is covered in another article. The other one was the Grey Polo which did not have any badging. We will keep our speculations limited for this. But the more important third one is the Grey Vento….Polo…Err…!

If you take a look at the picture, you would notice the following differences.

  1. Different Place of Badging: In the current Vento’s rear, the badging is above the number plate and in line with the ‘VW’ logo. The left side is ‘VOLKSWAGEN’ written in bold while the left is occupied with ‘VENTO’. However, this Vento had its badging down below on the boot lid in line with the number plate.
  2. What do you see towards the left? From the pic I see its more of ‘POLO’ written than ‘VENTO’
  3. What do you see towards the right? At my first glance I thought it is ‘1.4’ and this is the touted smaller sibling doing rounds. But from my second glance, I see it as ‘1.6’, my doubt being a little lavish font use which is not so common with Volkswagen.

What was I doing while catching these cars?

I was not juggling around, my main focus was the Jetta TSI and I was more interested in trying to find out its engine displacement and hence I missed out this badging with my naked eye. Nonetheless, if you could make out anything from these pics, do comment.


UPDATE: We just learnt that this Vento with POLO badging is the model VW exports to South Africa and Malaysian markets from India. South Africa also has the 1.4L Vento aka POLO sedan and this engine is also expected to be available in India. For more, please check VWs official South African site




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