Share Us & Win Sureshot Prizes: Join the Festivities as MotorBash Turns One!

MotorBash turns one on 31st December and we want the festivities to spawn across to all our readers. 

We are announcing a promotional offer where there are no lucky draws, no contests, no buying…no nothing. You just need to spread our word across and you win exciting stuff.. As simple as that! Here are the details:

Facebook would be one tool we all are hooked onto every single minute, every single day. From getting entertained, remaining updated we share whatever pleases us.

But ever wondered simple sharing on facebook can win you digital goodies like Pendrives, Bluetooth headsets etc.

Yes, that’s true, we have come up with a promotion scheme where you need to share our updates on your wall and win goodies. Share MotorBash’s FaceBook page status updates, keep yourself and your friends updated about the latest happenings in the automotive world and win prizes.


It’s a simple 3-step process

  1. Inform us via mail ( that you would be participating in this offer & wait for our acknowledgement.
  2. Like’s official FB page 
  3. Share our updates on your wall. That is it!


  • The person with maximum shares during this period would win a branded bluetooth headset. (Total updates should cross 50%)
  • Everyone whose shares exceed 50% for the total duration would get 8GB branded pendrives.

We have already started..What is the wait for? Just shoot a mail and get going!

Basic Terms:

  • Offer is effective from 00:00:01 31st Dec 2012 till 23:59:59 of 10th January. MotorBash’s updates for the offer period would only be counted.
  • Everyone could be a winner here.
  • All you need to do is share at least 50% of our updates for this period ie say, if we post 100 updates from today till  10th January, you need to share at least 50 updates on your wall.
  • The updates should be shared the same day. Day is counted till 23:59:59 Hours
  • We would count only shares from our official MotorBash’s page.
  • Results would be declared on 19th January
  • An intimation mail to us is mandatory to ensure we count your shares. Do resend if you do not receive an acknowledgement from us.
  • Applicable only for India.
  • Gifts would be shipped only in India.
  • People related to/working with would not be considered for this offer.
  • It’s a fair scheme where even you can check and count your shares. We would be sending regular mailers as well.
  • MotorBash’s decision would be final, in case of any disputes.
  • Prizes would not be redeemable for cash
  • We would buy and ship these prizes from reputed online stores and would all of them would carry respective terms and conditions. We would not be responsible or monitor any warranty related matters. You need to contact the online store directly. But we would definitely help you in case there is any issue.
  • Number of shares would be counted profile-wise.
  • Your shares should be ‘public’ else we would not be able to see them reflecting on our profile.
  • MotorBash reserves the right to update, amend, change or withdraw the offer at any time.

Team MotorBash

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