Last few days have really not been very good as an end diesel car consumer as they brought out this news of a huge Rs 5 increase on every liter of the blue fuel.

However, I was in for a pleasant surprise when I got my bike fueled at a Shell petrol station yesterday at Hinjewadi in Pune. The prices read Rs 73.70! The petrol station guy told me that Shell has reduced prices just a few days back and its a big drop. The earlier prices which he quoted were some Rs 80.


Now these prices are for a station that is not covered under octroi. Shell normal unleaded petrol prices for regular petrol pumps is Rs 76.65 and Shell is pretty well promoting it by putting up banners across their station bunks. I confirmed with one of my friends in Bangalore. Shell petrol prices in Bangalore and Pune are:

  • Shell Normal Unleaded : Rs 75.90
  • Shell Normal Unleaded Pune : Rs 76.65


Now, these prices are almost equivalent to the regular PSU petrol pumps and we might hear a price reduction in their prices as well pretty soon. And then there is a bigger question that arises here. Diesel has seen a huge price hike, petrol prices are expected to go down. Now with an expected bumper rise in sales for this festive season, does’t it bring a common prospective car buyer in a fix on what fuel powered car to purchase.

Meanwhile, auto manufacturers are doling out huge discounts and freebies to lure customers in their showrooms.

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