Against the Tide, Fiat Slashes Prices of its Cars by Upto 77,000!

Latest Fiat Car Prices (including Linea, Punto, Avventura) towards the end of the article – also showing the difference

Every December, right since the beginning of the month, you will start reading stories of manufacturers planning price increases from next year. This is done to achieve one goal – push customers to buy cars in the last month of the year, the decision of which otherwise is generally delayed to the new year by majority.

More than the ‘increase of raw prices etc’ it is a marketing ploy that has been unearthed and practised in the last few years. It was the same story this year with almost everybody announcing a price hike with the new year. However, Fiat, against the tide, has slashed prices of almost all its cars and the complete range now retails at less than Rs 10 Lakhs (ex-showroom price) including Abarth cars!

Latest Fiat Car Prices -linea 125s
Overall Linea range cheaper by upto 7.3%. Linea 125S price reduced by Rs 56,000

The biggest price slash is on the Linea 1.3 Multijet Emotion variant which now costs 9.99 Lakhs (older price – Rs 10.76 Lakhs). Fiat has also reduced Rs 57,000 on the entry level Linea 1.4 Petrol, which, at Rs 7.25 lakhs becomes the cheapest car in the C2 segment. The Linea 1.4 T-Jet 125S (offered only in the Emotion trim) now costs Rs 9.90 lakhs, a reduction of Rs 56,000.


The Punto Evo sees a price correction of upto Rs 47,000 whereas the Avventura gets inexpensive by upto Rs 64,000. Apart from the outright discount benefits, customers will also pay less for registration and insurance charges plus they will also be saved of the 1% luxury tax which is applicable on cars costing over 10 Lakhs!

Latest Fiat Car Prices (2017)

Fiat Cars Latest Prices 2017

Fiat Cars

Old 2016 Prices (INR) New 2017 Prices (INR)  

Difference in INR

Fiat Linea
1.4 (P) Active 782,126 725,000 -57126
1.4 TJet (P) Emotion (125s) 1,046,747 990,000 -56747
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 899,570 870,000 -29570
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 995,407 940,000 -55407
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 1,076,121 999,000 -77121
Fiat Punto EVO
1.2 (P) Dynamic 585,568 545,000 -40568
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 681,117 640,000 -41117
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 747,365 700,000 -47365
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 792,263 755,000 -37263
Fiat Avventura (Power Up)
1.4 TJet (P) (by Abarth) 1,036,678 999,000** -37,678
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 787,001 725,000** -62,001
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 869,609 805,000** -64,609
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 928,556 875,000** -53,556
Fiat Urban Cross
1.4 TJet (P) (by Abarth) 985,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 685,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 745,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 815,000 NA

*all prices mentioned on this page are ex-showroom in Delhi

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