SML Isuzu limited (formerly Swaraj Mazda Ltd) has launched at Delhi on Saturday, new XM Series of trucks. These vehicles are available at all the SML dealership and start at Rs. 13 lacs onwards. These vehicles will go on sale in March or April of this year. The XM series of vehicles were first introduced in November 2013.

In Delhi NCR, SML Isuzu is collaborating with M/s. Metal Tech Motors (Pvt.) Ltd., M/s. Indersons Motors, and M/s. H.K.S. Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. to sell these vehicles.

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The XM Series comprise of:

  1. Cosmo-XM
  2. Super 12.9 XM
  3. Samrat HD 19 XM
  4. Samrat Tipper XM
  5. S7 Buses 40 & 51 Seater

SUPER 12 .9 XM , 12990 kg GVW Truck:

Super 12.9 XM truck is a 12990 GVW truck with payload of 8.5 tons. This Truck is fitted with wide cargo box and is available in 5.18 meters (17’) and 5.80 meters (19’) with options of both steel high side and half side cargo box.



The Cosmo XM Series truck has 3.048 meters (10’ cargo box truck) which is smallest in its class of vehicles. SML says that it is highly maneuverable and has very high fuel advantage as compared to other makes of trucks in this range.

XM series S7 Bus

The XM Series S7 buses are claimed to have better fuel efficiency and they also have an option of factory-fitted AC unit. The company also plans to launch soon the FR 1318 buses which could seat 40 people.

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The SML Isuzu limited claims that the XM Series are more fuel efficient and reduce operating cost. These vehicles also have higher torque and better acceleration even while tackling gradients.




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