So Ford Indian Will Launch Ecosport in July?

This is how Ford did it in Brazil. They launched a huge promotional campaign before officially putting the new Ecosport on sale. And that did help create a lot of hype and a widespread know-how of the product.

Ford intends to replicate the same here in India. For all the people awaiting the Ecosport, the good news is that Ford has officially kick started the promotional activities of Ford Ecosport via the Ecosport Urban Discoveries Campaign. This is a widespread campaign where Ford plans to spread the word about Ecosport through various means and many of the interested souls who are dying to see the vehicle in flesh can do so, soon.


But, here comes the Not-so-Good News!

In its press release, Ford has clearly mentioned that they will launch the Ecosport after this campaign is over, which is obvious. Now, the time duration of this whole campaign is from February 28th to 22nd June which is also mentioned at the Ecosport Urban Discoveries Rules Page.

This clearly means that Ecosport will, in all probability, be launched towards the end of June or early July 2013. That is as big a wait as 4 month from now on for the car to hit the showrooms before you can put down your money on the dealership’s tables! But the good thing is that, you will get to know about the compact UV much more and Ford also has plans to keep the Ecosport in certain malls of a few cities in India.

This will give all prospect buyers a chance to see Ecosport in real and by that time we might just be able to know more about Tata’s upcoming compact UV, Maruti XA-Alpha and probably a few others!

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