So Is EcoSport Getting Launched on 11th June in India?

So, is 11th June the D-Day? Is Ford launching the EcoSport on 11th June? This is what folks at Auto Junction seem to claiming. They say that according to their sources, Ford will launch the EcoSport on 11th June.

However, let us clarify that we have not received any kind of formal or informal communication from the company so far. All we know is that Ford will start bookings of EcoSport from June and deliveries will start taking place from July 2013. This was communicated to us by Joginder Singh, Ford India’s Head, at the Media Drive in Goa.


Now, if they have frozen upon the date of 11th June for the official launch is a possibility. What will be more interesting is the price bracket Ford puts EcoSport at. While speculations of sub-5 Lakh starting prices have made way, Ford did say that prices will be ‘competitive’ and ‘luring’.

Considering the heck of a product EcoSport is, we will really want it to do fantastically well and not get marred by any kind of greedy pricing just like what happened to the new Fiesta. Ford has an example of their super successful Figo with them which was priced very competitively and received an overwhelming response from the buyers.

EcoSport, at correct pricing, can really give a very tough competition to not only Duster, but anything around that price bracket. This includes premium hatchbacks like i20 and compact sedans like Dzire and Amaze. We are betting on a 5.99 Lakh entry price with the top of the line diesel ending up at somewhere around 9.99 Lakh. So, will you buy EcoSport at these prices?


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