Renault Duster
Renault Duster 85PS RXE Diesel or wait for Ford EcoSport's pricing

Its coming, yes its finally coming! It has been one memorable pre-launch journey for us. No other car has developed so much of an interest till now in India as Renault Duster has. Right from the first day when it was known that Duster would come to India, to the spy pictures of test mules, to speculations of different engine specs to prices, it was all involved.

Here is the PRE-LAUNCH Video of Renault Duster

So, hold your breaths, keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow as the most awaited car of this year – Compact SUV Renault Duster makes way. We already know a lot about the car including its engine specs, road behaviors and almost all the other traits. The most important thing which remains now is, how much would this package cost?

BS Motoring reports that Stephan Norman, Global Vice President, Marketing & Communications Renault, has hinted at a starting price tag of Rs 7.5 Lakh. If we have to decipher this, then this would clearly be the petrol variant which would start around this tag. And, if this goes true Diesel Duster with the 85BHP motor would start somewhere around Rs 8.5-9 lakh – bang in the territory of a 7-seater, bigger and more powerful (at least on paper) Mahindra Scorpio!

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Considering that this a make or break product for Renault in India, they can take advantage of the sweeping wave that has built up. Come on Renault price the Duster a wee bit lesser, you have a fantastic product in hand, Make it sell in huge numbers!

Duster launch proceedings will start at 12 noon tomorrow. Stay tuned tomorrow as we would break the price tag of Duster for you all.

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Price Speculation by BS Motoring





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