So, Where is the 8th Color Option for EcoSport, Ford?

A few days back, brochure scans of Ford’s upcoming revelation EcoSport made way over the worldwide web. It revealed a lot of details on the variants, trims, specifications and all what will be on offer on respective models.

However, one thing that everyone seems to be missing is ONE color option. What Ford iterated and reiterated at the Goa’s Media Drive event as well as a few official communications was that EcoSport will be offered in eight color options in India. However, in the brochure scans the total tally adds upto seven only. It lists the following colors:

EcoSport in yellow in India. Click pic for details

Ford EcoSport Color Options (according to the leaked brochure):

  1. Mars Red
  2. Chill
  3. Moondust Silver
  4. Kinetic Blue
  5. Diamond White
  6. Panther Black
  7. Sea Grey

So, where is the eighth color that Ford has been talking about?

A careful observation reveals that Ford has not listed the yellow color in the brochure. The yellow colored EcoSport has been spotted in India on tests (See Here). So, does that mean Ford will offer it at a later stage in the form of some sporty variant?

If we try and hunt around for what a few of the international markets have got where Ford has already launched the EcoSport, we see that Yellow color is NOT present. At least in China Ford has been caught testing the yellow colored EcoSport like India, however, even it doesn’t get this color on offer.

Ford-EcoSport-Dimensions-WagonR (2)
EcoSport in Red Mars against WagonR in body proportions. Click pic for details

Just for the records, China gets 7 color options, Argentina gets 8 color options and Brazil also gets 7 color options. Now, we are left with a few questions:

  • Are the brochure scans true and final (Yes, they appear to)!
  • If true, why did Ford promise 8 color options? Do they have plans for a wildcard entry for yellow?

Let us wait for the official details which will pour in at the launch of EcoSport which is scheduled for this month.

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