There will not be many of you who would not know about Top Gear, a show which is known for its insane out-of-the-box stunts, road tests, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and who can forget the Stig!

As the iconic car show Top Gear faces the inevitable issue of ageing, so does its famed presenter trio of Jeremy, Richard and James. And honchos at broadcaster BBC’s topmost echelon’s are possibly considering terminating the show according to a report published at


Do not jump of your seat if you are an avid watcher because it is not going to go off air overnight! The action comes in a revelation from Ed Williams, a former BBC Executive. In a new book titled “Is the BBC in Crisis?”, Williams has stated that Top Gear will reach the natural end of its life cycle in the next five to ten years. This is because as times change, the concept of the show doesn’t remain as attractive as forever. The more important facet is that the presenters of the show infused life into the unique show, and its popularity can’t be guaranteed as the presenters become older themselves.

Williams also believes that Top Gear occupies a special position among the myriad of car shows that exist, and it will be very difficult to replace it specially the chemistry between the trio of presenters. There is no doubt that the interest levels have gone down but it still remains one of our favourite motoring shows, if not THE favourite!

Top Gear Live Warsaw 2013

Like all good things, Top Gear will even come to an end. Do you feel it will be possible to replace the peculiar attraction that Top Gear and its presenters created in the hearts of millions of its viewers?




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