SPIED: Bajaj Testing RE60 Extensively Before its Launch Around March

We celebrated our birthday by sharing uncamouflaged pictures of Bajaj’s first ever 4-wheeler RE60 exactly on 31st Dec which clarified that the project is still very much alive and possibly on date.

We, yet again, share with you one more spyshot of this tiny-tot which is expected to be a revolution in the 3-4 wheeler commercial space. Bajaj’s RE60 will be a 4-wheeler which will provide an option to all current 3-wheeler people moving commercial vehicle owners to upgrade. To upgrade to a better, safer and more comfortable drive!


Caught exactly at the entrance of Bajaj’s plant in Pune, this appears to be the same white colored mule which we caught earlier. This will be a strict 4-seater including the driver and the rear is, instead of glass, a soft hood similar to what we see on current Ricks!

The presence of alloys, body colored bumpers and other bits hint at a higher trim. RE60 will be powered by a 200cc water cooled DTSi petrol mill which is expected to produce 20 odd horses. Bajaj has many a times cleared that RE60 is NOT a car and hence people comparing it with the Tata Nano are inappropriate. Bajaj says that they will launch the RE60 by the end of this fiscal year.

Advantages of RE60 over normal Auto Ricks:

  • RE60 will be more comfortable
  • RE60 will be safer
  • RE60 will be more balanced and hence less-accident prone
  • RE60 will be more modern 
  • RE60 will be technically better and with a better engine tune.

Did You Know: RE in Bajaj’s Auto Rickshaws stand for “Rear Engine”

For clear pics, please head over to our earlier scoop of RE60.


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  1. looks like a common people choice after long time bajaj going back to a generational change they were the once who started scooters with the slogan hamara kal hamara aaj harama bajaj best of luck to bajaj on the new lauch


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