SPIED: Bugatti Veyron’s Successor – Bugatti Chiron!

Autoevolution has posted images of a camouflaged Bugatti Veyron and it seems that a new speed monster is not far away. The website also reports that only around a dozen Veyrons remain to be built now of the 450 units planned originally. So a successor certainly makes sense.


The website’s snappers had also caught an undisguised Veyron back in April at the Nurburgring. The white car had an metal cage-like structure bolted on to the engine in full view, and the engine cover was missing. A week later they saw a black Veyron being tested at the ‘Ring – this car had bigger fenders and new wheels, which could be made of carbon fibre!

bugatti-chiron rear

Back to the latest spotting then. The camouflaged Bugatti looks like one of those Veyrons that compete in road racing series like the Gumball 3000, etc. But the photographers this time could take a peek inside, and they found a VW steering wheel… Also, the previous test mules being tested at the ‘Ring had sounded muted so that definitely means that, like others, Bugatti is also taking the hybrid route to go even faster while still doing its bit for the ozone layer.


The top-end Veyron Super Sport at present produces 1200 horsepower so the new one should put out around 1500 bhp, but the hybrid would be heavier… Since the current Veyron is already no featherweight, Bugatti will have to do something even more dramatic with the new car to keep the flab in check. The Veyron weighs in at 1,888 kg currently which is like a truck if one compares it with the superlative “Koenigsegg One:1” – yes, we used that word for another hypercar while comparing it to the mighty Bugatti Veyron.


The Swede, by the way, tips the scales at 1,341 kg and produces 1,341 bhp. That’s why that nomenclature. And unlike the upcoming Bugatti, and the Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1, the Koenigsegg One:1 is NOT a hybrid – it runs purely on liquid gold!


Oh, I almost forgot that this snippet is about the Bugatti. Okay, so the new car would be named as “Chiron” after the famous Bugatti race driver, Louis Chiron. Interestingly, the gentleman’s name, despite being used for the Bugatti 18/3 Chiron (a late 90s concept car that came as an appetizer before the Veyron), was not there on the list of famous Bugatti names used for the recent Veyron Legends special editions. Well, it seems that Bugatti had saved it for something much more special…

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