SPIED: Cheaper Nissan Micra Active Variant Caught on Tape Again; Launch in April [VIDEO]

Nissan Micra, despite being a good car has not really showcased any kind of real threat to the competition. Even though the base variants offered features such as the Driver’s seat airbag as

standard among others, they also pushed the price of the car to a point where the buyer refrained from buying it. As a result, the cute car had somewhat a niche positioning and did not find many takers. Also, the car had a certain appeal for the fairer sex which kind of restricted the market for the car.

But finally, the folks back at Nissan have realized that the average Indian makes do without the need for ABS or an airbag if he gets a car at cheaper rates [Watch Spy Video Below]. Nissan expected that the car would bring in a lot of volumes for them but did not manage to garner customer affinity like its competitors do. Nissan has been testing a stripped down version of the Micra and has been spotted a few days back as well.

Nissan has been testing a low cost Nissan Micra Active variant of the car around Chennai with covered badges which would be devoid of features like ABS, airbags and music system but would come with a price tag that shall pit it right against the likes of the i10 and the Brio. The Brio and i10 gained customer support because they had a lot of variants on offer to suit customer needs and this is precisely the route Nissan seems to be following now. The newer variant would also come with a slight refresh to the tail lamps.

Currently the base variants of the Nissan Micra retails for Rs.4.23 lakhs and Rs.5.98 lakhs in petrol and diesel hearts respectively (ex-showroom). With the price cut variant, Micra would also cover lower segment at the same time. At something around Rs.3.75 lakhs or thereabouts for the base petrol, I being a common man, would any day overlook the cute smiling face of the car and give in to the VFM factor that car is expected to offer.

However, this also has a flip side to it. Will this also loose Micra’s somewhat premium image and affect sales of the current higher variants?


Source: Indian Autos Blog

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