Though it is still sometime away but with each passing week we are moving closer to the official unveiling of the Next-Gen i10 in the world. What has generated more interest is the complete wrapping the car has been running its tests in. 


The suspense and the curiosity of what new fluidic lines will it follow continue to puzzle us. Along with a few international spottings, amtak, a Team-Bhp member has spotted the next-gen i10 again this time in Pune allegedly with MH-12 registration. These spyshots hint at the possibility that it might have come for some ARAI related approvals.

So far we have gathered quite a lot of information on this new car. Here is a quick summary:

  • Next-Gen i10 might be called as ‘Brilliant’
  • It will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show
  • Indian launch is speculated to be somewhere around September-October 2013
  • The biggest talking point is that it will come with a 1.1L CRDI diesel engine along with the 1.2L petrol. We do not foresee the 1.1L petrol making way.
  • Through all the spyshots what becomes apparent is that the Next-Gen i10 will be a little larger in appearance as compared to the current i10. That might mean more interior space!
  • Instead of completely replacing the current i10, this Next-Gen i10 will sit right in between the current i10 and i20.

What we will really love to see are some completely uncamouflaged spyshots of this car making way across the web. With each iteration Hyundai has really taken the game ahead with their fluidic philosophy. What beauty will the Koreans embellish on this car will be worth a watch, we bet! And if you spot one, take no time in sharing them with us, quick cash will just be a small souvenir in return (More Details) 🙂

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Pic Source: Team-Bhp





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