If anybody has any doubts about where the inspiration comes from for new Jags, they just have to view the new F-type coupe from the front, preferably while this cat is standstill.

Jaguar-F-Type-Coupe (1)

The spy shots available online, courtesy speedmonkey.co.uk show this eagerly awaited coupe masked all over in chequered camouflaged. It does not hide the curvaceous lines though. One might view it from any angle and this coupe promises things that one would rather hope to do on a bed; and I don’t mean sleeping.

Jaguar-F-Type-Coupe (4)

The long and tastefully crafted hood clearly suggests the brute strength it covers while the two rifle-butt air intakes promise the mayhem that is in store just underneath them. The headlamps to me somehow look tame. One would hope to see a more intensive look from them to go with the ‘about-to-pounce’ feel. Perhaps they do so; or perhaps the hurriedly taken photographs hide something on it.

Jaguar-F-Type-Coupe (2)

The massive alloys all around accentuate the voluptuous body and promise tarmac-sucking grip. The two doors flare up and meet the waist in one sensuous sweep. While the rear looks seductively sumptuous the four exhaust pipes threaten to blow away anybody who manages to miss the conspicuously suspicious looks from the break-lights and approach too far near for comfort. Undoubtedly, a sophisticated seductress in any which language.

Jaguar-F-Type-Coupe (3)

Will go naked in Los Angeles Auto Show and Tokyo on 19 and 20th of this month. Drool men; it’s but natural.

– By Sufi




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