SPIED: Hyundai’s Next-Gen i10 ‘Brilliant’ Continues to Get Spotted

Just a couple of days back, we have posted a story on how Hyundai wants to do a Maruti and flood almost one broad segment with many cars like what the Indian largest company has been doing for the last many years. 

There are two things here. One, that Hyundai is bringing their Next-Gen i10 to India. Two, that the Next-Gen i10 will not replace the current i10. Yes, Hyundai will position this new i10 (which might be called as Brilliant), between the current i10 and the premium i20. Next-Gen-i10-Brilliant (1)

This also answers our observation that the car caught on the camera so often looks bigger than the current i10. This will mean that the current i10 might loose the bigger 1.2L Kappa petrol engine and continue to be offered only in the 1.1 IRDE. The 1.2L Kappa will go to the next-Gen i10 Brilliant.

The biggest highlight is the fact that it is almost confirmed that Hyundai will introduce its 1.1L CRDI diesel engine in the Next-gen i10. That means it will be made available in at least one petrol and one diesel engine options. In our last article on Next-Gen i10 we have discussed in detail how Hyundai might position their cars.

Next-Gen-i10-Brilliant (2)

According to our rough estimates, this Next-Gen i10 might be priced around 4-4.25 Lakh for the 1.2L petrol variant and 1.1L diesel might just start at around Rs 5 Lakh. Anyways, these are things that are calculated guesses but what is for sure, are the pictures in front of you.

These spyshots of covered Next-Gen Hyundai i10 have been shared by one of our avid readers, Austin who had also shared with us spyshots of Ashok Leyland Stile yesterday (Check them here). Austin inform us that he took these pictures at Pallikarnai in Chennai and he could identify the fluidic lines running across the car. Interestingly, in the shot below, we see an added protrude at the rear glass. What is that for is not known. Can you make out any reason for that?

Next-Gen-i10-Brilliant (4)

In short, this appears to be a Ritz for Hyundai. Launch is expected towards the end of this year probably around Diwali. So, do you think Hyundai will be able to pull this one off?

Next-Gen-i10-Brilliant (3)

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