SPIED: Indian Spec Ford Ecosport’s Interiors Revealed

As we continue to wait for an official word on Ford Ecosport, we have landed upon a new set of spyshots of the compact SUV’s interiors which have not been so common to come by. 


Rushlane, publisher of these pics, claim that these are interior shots of the Ecoboost petrol model. The presence of silver ascents and airbags also hint at a higher variant, probably the topmost. We have already seen interior snapshots of the Automatic variant of Ecosport which was caught a few months back. It becomes apparently clear that there is a big inspiration and parts sharing with the new Fiesta.



Right from the steering wheel to the dashboard, to the console everything bears a striking similarity. There are very minor changes which we can observe. Here are the main observations:

  • The most striking feature to note here is the redlining of the tacho. On Fiesta (Pic Below), it is calibrated till 6000 rpm and redlines at 5000 rpm. On this Ecoboost the tacho is calibrated till a huge 8k rpm which redlines at 6.5k rpm. This just reflects the high revving nature of the Ecoboost engine which has the capability to 248,000 rpm according to Ford. 
  • The side aircon vents are trapezoidal instead of circular of Fiesta
  • The absence of cruise control buttons towards the left also clears that this feature will not be available. (We were not expecting it either). 
  • The center console is also pretty similar to Fiesta with the AC wings (of Fiesta) clipped to make a more of a trapezoidal unit.
  • The silver ascent on Ecosport’s center console is limited and doesn’t go down to the AC controls as in the case of Fiesta. 
  • The display unit also talks about a phone connection which will be available with bluetooth connectivity as is expected. 
  • Another subtle difference is that Fiesta’s dashboard is dual-tone with the upper part being a shade of grey and the lower part in black. On Ecosport it appears to be the exact vice versa.
Foed Fiesta Interiors

Bit by bit we are getting pretty closer to the Ecosport which is expected to make way soon. It has already been spotted as a dealer vehicle and expect it to soon make way into the Indian market.

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Spyshots Credit: Rushlane

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