Sometime back, a test mule of the Nissan Terrano had been spotted by a watchful Indian Autos Blog reader, on the roads of Chennai. It now seems that there is not only one test mule out on the streets, but actually (at least) two which are doing the rounds!!

Nissan-Terrano-Spy-Pics (4)

This time the second Nissan Terrano test mule has been spotted by Indian Autos Blog with a different number on the temporary test number plates. Quite a few details had emerged out of the first set of spyshots, and this newer set does reveal a few more and puts a question mark on the earlier speculation of Terrano carrying over Duster’s interiors with just a change of company badge at the steering.

Nissan-Terrano-Spy-Pics (2)

In addition to these spyshots, we also have the official Terrano sketches released by Nissan. From all these sources, its obvious that the Nissan Terrano is a comprehensively different story from the Renault Duster. We say comprehensive considering the earlier two rebadged jobs of Scala-Sunny and Micra-Pulse have almost been same. However, there is the obvious faint resemblance to the Duster if you have a look at the Nissan Terrano’s rear section.

Nissan-Terrano-Spy-Pics (1)

However, the biggest revelation of these new spy pics is the presence of rectangular AC vents similar to Sunny/Micra (pic above). Duster sports circular AC vents. We can also notice something which could probably be chrome detailing on the air-conditioning vents itself! All this means Terrano will come with different interiors.

We can also have a glimpse of the instrument console in the newer spyshots. Considering that Terrano will be priced higher than Duster (according to speculations), Nissan will have to have a more posh looking interiors for the Terrano.

Nissan-Terrano-Spy-Pics (3)

Over all these developments, we have begun to understand that Nissan Terrano will be significantly different from Duster, but will it be more premium? By a conservative estimate, you should expect it to come to showroom floors by this festive season.

This also brings us to another question : Do you feel the Nissan Terrano will be able to stake a claim in its segment, especially after it seems that it will be priced higher and there is a shockingly-priced Ford EcoSport already enjoying the sunshine??


Pics Credit: Indian Autos Blog





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