SPIED : Scorpio Facelift’s New Details Revealed

As Mahindra continues to expose its upcoming Scorpio facelift to a gruelling test schedule, spyshots of the vehicle keep cropping up with a predictable regualrity. The latest string, or rather rope, of spyshots have come from CarToq. These have brought to the fore some interesting new details about the Scorpio facelift.


The latest upheavals show the Scorpio facelift in a new light, literally. All the previous spottings had showed the vehicle carrying a dummy headlamp setup with the old-school round shaped lights. This test vehicle, as pictured above, carried a completely different setup. The source claims that it looks like a projector headlamp setup with a smoked bezel. If included in all the variants of the production version, we feel this setup could go a long way in enhancing the premium feel of the Scorpio.

Some other details of the spied vehicle are :

  1. It carried a repositioned and reshaped bonnet scoop
  2. The tail-lamps had been redesigned, unlike the earlier spyshots in which the older Christmas-Tree configuration was present.
  3. Overall, the test vehicle retained the butch-looks of the mighty, muscular Scorpio. 


And if you felt that Mahindra was done here, then you are wrong! As we have been mentioning umpteen times, the Mahindra Scorpio facelift is the answer to the current Scorpio’s problems. Hence, we will get to see more plusher interiors. Here’s what we could see from the spyshots :

  • The interiors of the test mule were painted in a beige colour scheme with wood inserts.
  • AC vents are now rectangular in shape.
  • The infotainment system has been changed with the possibility of a  touch screen module.
  • The instrumentation cluster has also been changed for a better look.
  • The Scorpio will continue to seat 7 adults in a 2+3+2 layout, similar to the current setup.


SInce the upcoming vehicle is just a facelift, we don’t hope for a powertrain change. It seems that the same 2.2 Litre mHawk turbo-diesel engine with specs of 120 bhp and 290 Nm will continue doing its duty. The all-new Scorpio will arrive in 2015, and that is when we expect a brand new powertrain.

Source – CarToq

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