Chevrolet hasn’t been doing very well in India. It has been trying hard to compete with the reigning manufacturers in India and has launched a plethora of new products during the last 12-18 months which include a mix of international models as well as China-sourced ones. A few months back they launched the Sail hatch and sedan in India.

Chevrolet-Sail-Sedan-Facelift (1)

As we receive the model, the company is testing a facelifted Sail in its home turf in China. It includes a wee bit of changes to the front and more importantly updated interiors. The grille, headlamps, bumpers as well as the tail lamps are expected to go through some tweaks.

It’s on the inside that we notice an important change. The bland beige steering wheel of the current Sail appears to have been replaced by a much better looking contoured black colored unit. This also appears to be an automatic transmission Sail.

Chevrolet-Sail-Sedan-Facelift (3)

With a lukewarm response to the Sail sedan, will Chevrolet consider launching this new facelift anytime soon in India? We are not sure but a newer car ironing out the minor issues along with a few refreshments in say 4-6 months from now, may give the car some traction in this extremely competitive segment.

Chevrolet-Sail-Sedan-Facelift (2)

Sales of Sail were on a rise but it has been dogged by some issues with its diesel engine that has forced the company to stop the variant from selling in India temporarily. Currently, its only the petrol Sail that is on sale which is registering whatever puny numbers we see on monthly charts.

– By Vikram Malhotra

Source: Carnewschina




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