SPIED: We Reveal Nano Diesel’s Open Front Bonnet!

So, we are tirelessly following every little development on the Tata Nano Diesel, a car which will be the most import model for the Nano lineup. Right from the first spyshots way back in May 2012 to the latest conclusive spyshots, we have been following it all.

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In a latest, we share with you spyshots of the white mule for which we have shared interior sneaking shots a few months back (See them here). We followed this Nano mule for at least a few kilometers and it appeared reasonably zesty, but the best part is that the noise produced by this engine was not significantly higher than what the current 624cc petrol engine produces.

We can not call it quiet but ‘well within limits‘ would be the best phrase to describe it. The new revelation is the front bonnet which we, thankfully, caught open for an instant. Now, what we know is that these drivers have to drive the car for around 100-150kms daily in cities to gauge the fuel efficiency as well as the city driveability.

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We have also come to know, through our sources that Tata is targeting really high fuel efficiency figures of somewhere close to 40kmpl, obviously under test conditions. But, even if the car returns something close to 25kmpl in cities, Nano will become an instant hit for the kind of customers its is targeting.

The open bonnet reveals that Tata will continue with a very similar setup as with the current petrol Nano – front fueling and the spare wheel along with other regular tidbits. The dampener however is that, the rear hatch was NON-OPENABLE! We are unsure if Tata will incorporate it in the final production variants, however for now, we clear it out for you that Nano diesel will not have an openable hatch!

Tata-Nano-Diesel-Spyshots (3)
Here is the black diesel smoke! Nano diesel carries the exhaust tip towards the left side as against the central position of the regular petrol Nano

Tata Nano Diesel Engine & Launch

Tata Nano diesel will use an 800cc diesel motor which will produce a power output of somewhere close to 40PS and will come with world’s smallest turbocharger. As we said, Tata is eyeing fuel efficiency as the car’s USP, and we will be happy even at anything around the 25-30kmpl city mileage!

Tata is expected to launch the Nano diesel towards the end of this year or probably the first half of next year. With such fuel efficiency figures and correct pricing, Nano diesel does seem to possess a lot of juice to slug it out in the market real hard.

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