A brand new Mahindra test mule has been snapped somewhere in Chennai by the guys at Motor Vikatan. Though they claim these spyshots are of the Next-Gen Scorpio, but they are far from that according to us.

We all know and have seen Mahindra’s monocoque S101 spyshots multiple times which will also spawn a more luxurious S102 compact SUV. So S101 and S102 get crossed. So, which upcoming SUV is this?

new-Mahindra-Bolero-U301-spy-pic (2)

Last year there were reports of another product codenamed as ‘U301’ which would either be a replacement to the current Bolero (Next-Gen Bolero) or a product that may co-exist with it.

According to what we believe this may be the same U301 that is under production – a sub 4 meter sibling of the Bolero. As a first, this is a body-on-ladder frame which is against the popular belief that the Next-Gen Scorpio will go Monocoque. From the side shots, this does appear to be right on the brink of the sub 4 meters in length. And it gets awfully skinny tyres to be a Scorpio replacement!

new-Mahindra-Bolero-U301-spy-pic (3)

As has been the trend with Mahindra to fool spies, this U301 mule gets parts from different cars from Mahindra’s stables. The rear gets taillamps from Scorpio, front grille from XUV500, headlamps are from Bolero. From the spyshots, there appears to be plenty of head space and if there are seats on the 3rd row, they are jump seats and not forward facing, considering the sneaking view we get from the front spyshot.

new-Mahindra-Bolero-U301-spy-pic (1)

Now that the car is on the roads testing, we can be sure to get more details of it in the coming times. Launch of U301 is scheduled for 2015-2016 and with this spotting we can be rest assured that Mahindra is working day in and day out to make a heady comeback in the market.

Do share if you know more details about this new mule from Mahindra.

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  1. Thanks guys. Every website is reporting this as the next gen Scorpio but the first thing that struck me was that it seems to be too small to be a Scorpio. I too noticed that the tyres were reedy and was wondering if this is some other vehicle that Mahindra is testing. I even that this may be the S 101. I am pretty convinced that this is not a Scorpio and thanks for pointing out that is probably the U 301.

  2. How about this being a replacement for the Quanto. Mahindra has openly admitted that they are very unhappy with the sales numbers of the Quanto. Maybe this is a replacement especially for the non metro markets.


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