Summers! Oh they’re here and are here with quite the heat. Do you know how to keep your car and soul cool in such scorching heats of summer? Read on to recollect what you know or to get an idea what all should be done.

First of all, get your car’s Air Conditioning System checked either at the company’s authorized workshop else at the mechanic you trust. We are going to help you by mentioning some points on what all should be checked to ensure the proper working of the Air Conditioning system:

  • Get inside the car, turn it on and check how much time it takes to cool down during morning, noon, and evening, try comparing these timings with a new car. Actually, this should be done by workshop mechanics and/or service advisor with a stop watch in hand and a thermometer in the other. Though most of them don’t have such ‘advanced’ equipments. So why don’t you give it a try yourself?
  • So, you’ve checked the cooling efficiency now, and if you’ve found no problems with the timings, chill mate! But if you think that it’s working a bit slower then, the first thing to do is to get the heat exchanger cleaned. Now what on Earth is that? Never mind, it looks like a small radiator or say an inter-cooler like thing in your car’s seating compartment hidden under the bonnet, well the position or the situation doesn’t bothers you but it’s one of the most important factors which keeps your car cool, and it gets choked with quite many things like dust, mud, dry leaves (from trees and not from your office) and much more than you can think of.
  • Has the timings improved now? If it hasn’t, get the pressure of the ‘Coolant Gas’ checked, if you’re going to get it checked with some local mechanic, make sure that it’s of the type mentioned and/or recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Also, keep in mind that even LPG can make your AC work but that can be lethal, so be sure to check that as well that you don’t have LPG or CNG in your AC system!
  • After all these points, We, with a very good hope, think that your AC will work awesome, but if you think there’s still a bit of problem, first get your car a bit of films which do not bar the view but bar the rays getting inside, a great substitute can be curtains, light colored.
  • Whenever you are parking your car for a long time under the Sun, make sure to keep the glasses open a bit, say 1cm. This will help the hot air escape without causing damage to the car, else we all know how much impact ‘hot’ things have, don’t think wrong, they made the world move, they still do!

Here, We’ve tried to include some basic points which are mostly overlooked by people right from the workshop till the consumer end and can result in brand hatred, well, your company has chosen the best for you that they can under that price band, we consumers are a bit guilty too for what our property offers us. Stay awake, eyes wide open, and don’t get fooled as the advertisement goes, ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago’.

With all these points, We hope We have done our bit to educate you something more about cars, stay tuned, We’re coming up with more.




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