Super Hot Hatch! 180bhp Fiat Punto Abarth Evo EsseEsse Caught In India

If you thought, it was just about 90-100 odd bhps that can make a hatch hot in India. Read this and you will be drooling over for no fault of yours!

Spotted in Coimbatore is this Fiat Punto Abarth Evo EsseEsse. If it did not make enough sense, we will decipher it for you. Fiat has an Evo version of Punto Abarth which produces 165bhp (yes 165 bhp of sheer adrenalin!). The EsseEsse is an upgraded version of the Evo  and sits at the top of the Punto family.

It produces a power output of insane 180bhp from its 1.4L turbocharged unit with mind boggling performance figures and a top whack of 215 kmph. This car can hit 0-100 kmph in 7.5 seconds flat.


This is no surprise as Fiat has already revealed while sharing their future roadmap that they will launch the Abarth in India. But what is surprising is the fact that this car is carrying Coimbatore temporary registration number plates, for the reasons best known to the company, for now!

This Punto Abarth Evo EsseEsse was running around with nothing hidden at all. All the badges and body was completely visible and was carrying a sticker which read ‘Special Fuel‘. Its still unclear if this mule is being tested for an official launch for the Indian market or not.

Here is how the Punto Abarth Evo EsseEsse Looks from the front

But, if its true, then all the performance aficionados can start accumulating money because it might just not get any hotter than this, practicality be damned!

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Spyshot credit: Team-Bhp

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