Surprise: Honda Amaze to Produce 100PS of Power Output; Dzire Beware!

As we near the official launch of Amaze which is Honda’s most important launch in a few years, we have landed upon a pleasant surprise!

At the ongoing media drive of Honda Amaze in Goa, the well-kept secret specifications of the car are out. Amaze will produce 100PS from its 1.5L EarthDreams diesel engine along with a peak torque of 200Nm. 200Nm was already speculated but most of the media expected Honda to churn out 80-85PS for Amaze and 100 odd PS for City and other cars.


100PS makes Amaze the most powerful car in the entry-sedan segment and by a considerable difference. This is even better than most of the sedans in the C-segment as a whole. 200Nm of torque is also higher than Dzire and others. Dzire produces 75PS of power output and 190Nm of torque from its Fiat sourced 1.3L Multijet diesel engine.

According to reports from Indian media which was called in Japan for an initial drive of the car, Amaze comes with Fixed Geometry Turbo (FGT) and doesn’t have as bad a turbo lag as Dzire. Power starts building up from pretty lower revs and this top 100PS is attained at a relatively lower 3600 rpm. The power/torque band is also reported to be wide which makes driving it easier in town.

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Apart from these revelations, we already know that the 1.5L EarthDreams diesel engine is carved out from company’s existing 1.6L I-DTEC motor which is available in international markets under the bonnets of cars like CR-V and Civic. It  has an all-Aluminum construction for lower weight and better heat dissipation. If that is not all, Honda has also revealed that Amaze will be the most fuel efficient car in its segment. Though the official figures are not out yet, we believe they might stand somewhere around 23kmpl ARAI certified.

Honda Amaze will also be available in petrol version which has already been launched in Thailand [Check Details]. It will be powered by the same 1.2L I-VTEC petrol engine which powers the Brio hatch. Specifications are also not expected to go through any big change but tunings and tweaks to accommodate the higher weight of Amaze are definitely expected. Honda will launch both petrol and diesel Amaze together around the first or second week of Next Month.

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Amaze is the most important product for Honda and if they can price it around Dzire, it  has all the makings of catapulting Honda to the top 3 manufacturers in India. And this the first time we see a direct threat to Dzire!

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Source: OD @ Twitter

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