Surprise! Honda Brio Sedan Diesel Coming Before Brio Hatch

On May 25th of this year, one of the most important scoops landed up on the online web – that of the diesel Honda Brio. Later on there were many confirmations but this had everyone hooked onto the Honda’s stables.

Even critics love Honda’s refined petrol engines forget about its fans and owners. The next best thing everyone has been looking out for from the Japanese auto house is a diesel mill. As surprising the diesel Brio hatch scoop was, what we are going to say would hold no less significance.


Speculative renderings of Brio Sedan. Source:


According to a tweet by Hormazd Sorabjee of AutoCar, Honda has confirmed that it would be launching the Brio based diesel saloon somewhere in next financial year. The more surprising bit here is that it would be coming before the Brio diesel!

This news confirms two things at one go. One, that we will have not one but two smaller Honda cars that would be available in diesels. Two, it would not be the 1.6L diesel engine which Honda already uses in a few international markets. In all probability, it would be a smaller, possibly a 3-pot form of this 1.6L i-DTEC engine.

Speculative renderings of Brio Sedan. Source:

We also expect Honda to launch the Brio saloon in the 1.2L petrol engine from Jazz which would go along with the diesel variant. Brio Sedan would sit under the current City and we hope Honda would give everyone a chance to smirk by its prices!

The next important launch from Honda is the Brio Automatic which is scheduled for an official release before or around Diwali.

This news marks for a fantastic Saturday. So, all you interested souls, start saving (or waiting) for first ever diesel mill from Honda!


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