Suzuki Gets Aggressive; Unveils New 1.4 Litre Boosterjet Engine

At the ongoing 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, which is more commonly known as the Shanghai Motor Show, Suzuki has unveiled a new turbocharged petrol engine which will find its way to global market as well. The new 1.4 litre Boosterjet engine is of the same family as of the 1.0 liter Boosterjet motor which was unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show.

The turbo charged petrol mill will first be used in Suzuki models sold in China and will be introduced to other markets gradually. Suzuki says that the lightweight engine has an optimized layout and incorporates several weight reduction technologies to qualify for the various weight and size requirements which are being placed of late in vehicle development.

Suzuki 1.4 l boosterjet

The turbo charged petrol engine tries to improve fuel efficiency by using direct injection technology which at the same time also boosts the output and torque. Suzuki has properly spaced it out from their 1.0L motor to ensure widespread use. While the 1.0L Boosterjet is expected to find application on smaller cars (including upcoming YRA hatch), this bigger motor may find place in bigger sedans and possibly SUVs. Although it is too early to draw many conjectures at this point but Suzuki is getting aggressive and it seems that the era of turbocharged petrol engines is finally coming soon…

Suzuki Boosterjet Engine Video

Here is an official video of the Suzuki’s Boosterjet engine

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