Suzuki has plans to launch as many as 6 all-new models internationally as confirmed by Dale Wyatt, sales and marketing head Suzuki to Auto Express UK. And some of them definitely have a direct Indian connection.

Dale reveals that there will be two cars each in the A,B & C segments which will be spanned across the next 3 years. He further talks about a new hatchback that will sit alongside the Swift and the car that he is talking about is referred to as ‘YRA’ by Maruti Suzuki internally.

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This global car will be launched in India as well and has been spied a numerous times as well. Further, he confirms the following bits..

  1. YRA will have a bigger boot (We know, we have seen the spy pics here)
  2. It will also have more space at the back and can be compared with Jazz
  3. YRA will be more comfortable and raised up
  4. He further says that it will not be as ‘dynamically wired‘ as Swift which, we feel, means that it will be less sporty and may not pack the same handling prowess.
  5. The biggest revelation is – YRA will be 90kgs lesser in weight than Swift! No details on how will Suzuki achieve this.
  6. It will be unveiled officially at the Geneva Motor Show as soon as March 2015 and will go on sale in 2016.

We get a feeling that Maruti has concentrated more on the comfort and practicality of the car on YRA and it will not be as sporty as the Swift. However, with an expectation of more powerful engines and a claimed 90kgs lesser weight, it should have better performance and much better power to weight ratio.

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And if we go by the information shared here, we are just 4 months away from the official unveiling of the car which is when we will get to know, for the first time, Suzuki’s view of a more ‘premium’ hatchback than Swift.

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