Why Renewing Car Insurance Online is Better Than From a Dealer?

You don’t want to fall prey to what your dealer tells you is best for you. Right? No one now does that. Every hand has a mobile and everyone is now technology-enabled. Evaluating an insurance premium quote is convenient than earlier. You have a pool of information available through which your requirements can be sorted. … Read more

No Claim Bonus (NCB) – All You Should Know About it Before You Buy Car Insurance

How to Transfer NCB

How to transfer NCB? Here is a quick and simple guide to help you in knowing all about No Claim Bonus… When you renew your car insurance, you often end up asking for discounts on your insurance premium. However, you can save a significant amount on your car insurance premium by availing No Claim Bonus … Read more

How to Earn Discounts on Car Insurance – FIVE WAYS

Discounts on Car Insurance – here are five easy easy ways to reduce your premium… Apart from being mandatory by law, car insurance provides truckloads of benefits to us – peace of mind being the paramount of them all! Hence, we should forget about considering “Whether I should insure my car or not” and instead … Read more