Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster: COMPARO

Hyundai Creta, which was launched a few months back, is making a lot of noise already with truckloads of them getting shipped out to dealers every month and in many thousands. In fact barely under three months of its existence, it has also seen a price rise! As per Hyundai, the compact SUV segment experiences … Read more

Hyundai Mocks at Buyers! Increases Already Overpriced Creta Prices by Upto 22,386!

Hyundai’s Creta is in the buying books of a lot of buyers! It is registering almost the same response Duster saw when it was launched. Despite being an expensive product, the company has so far managed to rake significant volumes every month. Now, mocking at buyers, Hyundai India has increased the prices of their SUV … Read more

7 Months Back Hyundai Said They Will Surprise Everyone with Creta’s Pricing… & Surprise They Did!

From ix25 to Creta, the journey was not long and the compact SUV was one of the most awaited car for this year. It became more interesting when Hyundai tried to build up a notion that they will price it aggressively! However, it has all ended up in a damp squib! Back in December last year, … Read more

AWD Ruled Out for Creta; Hyundai Says Buy Santa Fe if you Want AWD

The compact SUV segment in India was fired up by Ford EcoSport and was boosted further by Renault’s Duster, which was placed a segment higher. Like most manufacturers Hyundai also took notice and started work on a new product to get their share of the pie, the result of which is the recently launched Creta. … Read more