Leaked: List of All Features of Upcoming Nano GenX; Comes in 7 Color Options

Tata next attempt to boost Nano’s sales will be a new model named as Nano GenX. The new car will come with a manual as well as an AMT gearbox (termed as Easy Shift by Tata) for the first time. Nano GenX will be the cheapest car to come with clutchless AMT. We have got … Read more

Nano GenX (AMT) Launch Soon; Tata Starts Pre-Launch Campaign for Existing Nano Owners

Tata Motors has started a new pre-launch promotional campaign for the existing Nano customers to make the upcoming Nano GenX gain an initial momentum. The customers are being given the honour of owing the Nano GenX before everyone else as an appreciation to their loyalty. Christened as the 1+1 programme, Tata promises that existing Nano … Read more