Datsun Go & Go+ Get Driver Airbags; No Power Steering in Mid-Variants Still

Datsun Go and Go+ are two very fantastic cars at the price points they are offered at in India. However, of late, they have been in the news for some safety related issues highlighted by GNCAP. As a result a lot of prospect buyers have expressed concerns over buying the new Datsuns, however, for all … Read more

Datsun is One Year Old in India; Sells 17,000 Cars

Datsun in a fun filled ceremony celebrated its 1st anniversary in India in the presence of over 100 Datsun owners. The event held in Delhi was attended by Guillaume Sicard, President of Nissan’s Indian Operations and Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana. The event included a lovely musical session by Ayushmann with the musicians from the band Faridkot … Read more

Go+ Will Also Get Driver Airbag, Confirms Datsun’s Boss; Says India is Tough

With the recently revived Datsun brand, Nissan intended to have a low cost brand which would help them increase their market share and at the same time not affect their prime brand image. They wanted to have modern aspirational locally made products with a global brand backing its development and services. However, one year since its launch, … Read more

Datsun Go to Get Airbags; Redi-Go Launch in 18 Months

Nissan’s market share in India may be trailing at less than 2 per cent right now but the company has high hopes from its newly introduced budget brand ‘Datsun’ which has recently received a beating because of the NCAP crash test results of its cars and the company was asked by NCAP’s head to withdraw the Datsuns from India completely!

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