21.9 kmpl, 110L Boot Space, AMT – New Nano GenX Revealed

Tata Nano family is soon going to grow bigger with another new model which will get AMT and was showcased at the Auto expo last year under the name Nano F-Tronic. The final commercial name, however, may be ‘GenX’ to appeal to the younger crowd and the car is set to get a bigger fuel tank and … Read more

Nano Twist F-tronic (AMT) to Get Creep Function: New Updates

Tata Nano is slowly emerging from being a cheap 1 lakh rupee car to a smart city centric car. The car got power steering in the Twist last year but the real boost may come only once they launch the AMT loaded car called as F-Tronic which will make the car even more practical for … Read more

Nano Twist Active F-Tronic (AMT) XTA Caught in Showroom-Ready Condition

Ratan Tata’s dream, the Nano, is trying yet another way to stay afloat. Showcased back at the Auto Expo early last year, the company finally seems to be on the verge of launching the AMT version of the car. Called as the F-Tronic, it shall get the facility of an openable rear tailgate as well!

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MB Reader Snaps the Upcoming Nano Automatic (AMT); With Interior Shots

Ever since Tata promised a revamp of their tiny little Nano into a ‘smart city car’, there has been a renewed interest among enthusiasts. This is because, Nano’s dimensions are just about appropriate for average daily point A to B hauls amidst heavy traffics of bigger cities.

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