BMW X1 Petrol Launched in India

BMW X1 petrol to cost Rs. 37.5 Lakh… BMW X1 with a diesel motor has been present in India for quite a while now. To expand the lineup further, BMW has launched the petrol version of the car yesterday. The petrol X1 will only be available in one variant i.e. the xLine. The car will … Read more

Does Premium Fuel Make Your Car Faster, Run Longer, Cleaner?

Premium Petrol or Regular Petrol: Which One Should You Fill? | By Elizabeth Mathew All is well for the Indian motorist till he/she reaches the fuel station to fill his priced possession with the best fuel available in the market. Petro giants have created a notion in the minds of the people that using premium fuel … Read more

Mahindra Lays Out Plan to go the Petrol Way

Mahindra, one of the leading utility vehicle makers of the country, has confirmed that they will focus on petrol engines as well. This move comes after months of apathy against diesel powertrain by the government and judiciary. Utility vehicles, on the other hand, have been traditionally the ruling ground of diesel technology. Manufacturers have been … Read more

Mahindra to Introduce Petrol Variants of Scorpio and XUV 500

Petrol XUV500 & Scorpio will widen Mahindra’s base… The folks at Mahindra have just announced their last quarter’s earnings. While they sold 15 per cent more vehicles on a year on year basis, the future doesn’t look too bright for them due to the black clouds hanging on diesel technology in India. To counter this … Read more

Do you Know: Petrol & Diesel Prices Should Have Fallen Further BUT…


The new government has been widely cherished by the general public for taking proactive steps to control price rise. If we talk about the price of petrol and diesel, which is the lifeline of the automotive industry, it has been steadily controlled. In fact, the government even took the bold step of deregulating the price of diesel.

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