Datsun’s Version of Kwid – ‘I2’ Small Car Launch by March

Post the small entry level hatchback Go, Datsun at the Auto Expo last year showcased a brilliant looking concept of an even cheaper car, the Redi Go. The car is expected to be the Japanese sister of the French Renault Kwid and as per a recent report on Economics Times, Arun Malhotra, Nissan India’s supremo … Read more

Datsun Go to Get Airbags; Redi-Go Launch in 18 Months

Nissan’s market share in India may be trailing at less than 2 per cent right now but the company has high hopes from its newly introduced budget brand ‘Datsun’ which has recently received a beating because of the NCAP crash test results of its cars and the company was asked by NCAP’s head to withdraw the Datsuns from India completely!

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Renault’s Sub 4-lakh XBA May Launch Earlier Than Lodgy MPV!

It seems Renault India’s next vehicle in India would the entry B-segment hatchback according to a report on Financial Express. They say that the French company intends to grab a five per cent market share in the country in the next two to three years as compared to the minuscule two per cent that it holds right now.

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